World Creativity and Innovation Day: Impact on IT services

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In this post, we comment on the anniversary of World Creativity and Innovation Day, which is celebrated every April 21 by resolution of the United Nations. In particular, we focus on the importance of innovation focused on managing organizational data and the added value of web data extraction services in this specific application.

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated every year on April 21 to raise awareness about the importance of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. The day was adopted by a United Nations resolution and designated for April 21, 2018. Creativity and innovation are also vital to achieving the sustainable development goals set by the UN. Although both terms are often used interchangeably, creativity and innovation are different concepts that work hand in hand to achieve the desired end.

Since 2002, citizens and organizations from more than 50 countries have already celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day. The United Nations (UN) formally established the day to promote the importance of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development, both at the individual and group levels. This day also highlights the importance of applying creativity and innovation to solving problems regarding economic, social, and sustainable development.

Data Innovation

Data Innovation refers to using data and analytics to create value-added products and services. This requires companies and organizations to make data available to all stakeholders so they can reuse and innovate with it. Open and shared data enables the creation of new uses that benefit the organization, stakeholders, customers, and citizens. This includes new services based on dashboards or simplified data exchange methods.

So much so that data innovation often combines traditional and non-traditional data sources, such as ongoing household surveys, to reframe issues and shed new light on seemingly intractable problems. New or non-traditional data sources may include digital data derived from social networks, web content, transaction data, and GPS devices. Because combining data sources can provide more complete, more timely, or more granular information on a topic, data innovation can open opportunities for more cost-effective and sustainable interventions, as well as provide completely new insights that have usually been overlooked through traditional approaches.

While all organizations have large volumes of data, not all organizations use it effectively beyond its primary use. Very few organizations are creating new services and products from their data. To innovate using data, it is essential to adopt solutions that allow everyone within the company to easily work with their data. Relying on complex data analysis tools that can only be used by a handful of trained experts is not enough; It is necessary to provide all members of the organization with seamless access to data through a data experience solution and a data-driven work culture, allowing you to democratize data thanks to:

  • The ability to connect all types of data (business data, anonymized data, Internet of Things data, reference data, etc.).
  • The ability to enrich and cross-reference data to provide in-depth analysis.
  • A data catalog that allows you to easily explore and access data.
  • Data visualization features so that non-experts can easily understand the data.
  • The ability to easily share data across channels and reuse it (via API or download).

Innovation in Web Data Extraction

Web Scraping is the automated extraction of data from websites. It can be used to extract data for any purpose and industry. It is especially useful in areas such as data mining, web indexing and archiving, surveillance, information sharing, and competitive intelligence.

Through Scraping Pros, our Web scraping solutions extract data from a website, analyze it, and then present the result in a useful format to our clients.

In this way, we have flexible solutions that are scalable to any type of business. Where is our share of innovation? Our team of professionals works side by side with the client, iterating competitive intelligence solutions until reaching the maximum satisfaction desired by the client. The most appropriate techniques and tools are sought for each requirement. This way, the client can lead an innovative strategy with data and get ahead of its competition.

Our professionals have the expertise, learning through concrete work in different industry verticals, and the creativity to achieve optimal and unprecedented solutions in this business.

Why you should consider a Web Scraping service as an integral part of the innovation applied to your company

  1. Discover valuable information for your business.
  2. Stay up to date with market trends.
  3. Extract relevant information for your company’s decision-making.
  4. Get an advantage over your competitors.