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What Exactly Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the art of using software to extract data from websites. In other words, it’s a technique to turn unstructured data from websites into a structured, ready to use databases. This technology is flexible, powerful, and mistake-less compared to manual copy/paste.

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Why ScrapingPros?

Our services have been highly recommended by a long list of client on Upwork.

You’ll work directly with the developer, means problems will be discussed and solved quickly. 

The quality is right at the first time. Most of the times, no revision required.

Yelp Scraping
Google Scraping
Amazon Scraping

Our Web Scraping Services

Web Data Extraction

Crawl and extract desired data from websites into excel, csv, mysql, etc.

Crawl and Extract data from given websites

No manual work, no human mistakes. Fast & Accurate!

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Product Catalogue Scraping

Scrape and extract product categories, prices, details, and images

Create Catalogue From an E-commerce website

Dataset will be ready to import into your defined platform.

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Leads Scraping

Scrape an online directory and extract contact details into csv, excel ....

Scrape Leads from websites, Internet

Emails will be verified using paid service!

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Real Estate Properties/Agencies Scraping

Scrape property details include address, prices, beds, baths, type, images, etc.

Scrape Properties from Real Estate Websites

Clean data, No duplicates.

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Custom Web Scraping Software

Build a web scraping software against a target website to use in your own machine.

A Personal Tool for Use in Demand

No installation required. Just click and run.

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Custom Web Scraping Script

A web scraping script in Python or PHP.

You get the code

It’s clean, well-documented and easy to maintain

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People everywhere are loving ScrapingPro and we thrive off their feedback. ScrapingPro maintains an overall 5-Star rating.

“Thanks again for your fast, excellent work! I look forward to working with you again!!!”



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“Cung is amazing! He estimated the task would take 3 days (which I expected), but finished in less than 2 days. He helped me fix a few bugs VERY QUICKLY without complaining. I’m looking forward to working with him again!!!”



UpWork Client

“thanks for a fast and fine job!!!!”



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