Will ChatGPT replace Web Scraping Services?

Will ChatGPT replace Web Scraping Services?

In November 2022, the artificial intelligence company Open AI released the free trial version of an artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT. It is software that simulates and processes human conversations and is trained to answer almost any question or prompt given to it. Within a week of its launch, it reached 1 million users and over 57 million monthly users in the first month. No chatbot has ever received as much attention or people talking as much. ChatGPT’s impressive performance undoubtedly has the public considering how it will change lives and worrying if it can replace jobs or other tech solutions soon.

Just a month later, these discussions came to the Web Scraping area with questions such as:

ChatGPT can be a useful guide to provide information, but not an extraction service that can collect data for you

For example, you can request a code and ChatGPT will generate lines of code to copy and paste. This means people can save time because they no longer need to write code manually.

But if we ask ChatGPT to scrape the destination website directly and provide us with the data, the chatbot cannot perform this task. It can only serve as an aid or guide since it is a limited language model.

In conclusion, Web Scraping knowledge, and services remain indispensable and irreplaceable. ChatGPT won’t be replacing them anytime soon. While it stands out in the area of ​​chatbots and is one of the biggest innovations in AI, it is too early to think that it can be as productive as Web Scraping Services.

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies continue to evolve rapidly, Web Scraping, also called “web data extraction” maintains its essence: it is an automated process of enormous added value for the business, an automatic method to obtain large amounts of data from websites and export them in a structured format. The more experienced the people and the more developed or specialized the data extraction projects, Web Scraping will continue to maintain its original value regardless of the evolution of other artificial intelligence tools.


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