ScrapingPros proudly attended Logistics World Expo 2024

Scraping pros as present at logistics world 2024, a leading logistics expo.

We had the honor of participating at the main logistics and foreign trade expo in Latin America, to present our ideas and innovative solutions in Web Scraping. This publication aims to share our experience and the key points of our presence at this renowned exhibition.

On April 10 and 11, the 17th edition of The Logistics World Summit & Expo, the most relevant logistics event in Latin America, took place in Mexico City. The exhibition, which took place at the Citibanamex Center, set a new record by bringing together more than 24,300 logistics and supply chain, cargo, and e-commerce executives. In this way, it confirms for another year as the most relevant meeting point for these industries.

Throughout the 34 thousand square meters of the expo, there were more than 550 leading suppliers, more than 50 free conferences, and 3 congresses that took place in these two very intense days of fruitful exchange of ideas, conversations, and projects. It should be noted that The Logistics Worlds is a 360┬░ platform with which professionals in these industries find ideas, opportunities, innovation, and tools to revolutionize their operations with a top-level digital and in-person offering.

Web Scraping in Logistics

In the context of this important event, Scraping Pros had an outstanding participation, consolidating our leadership in the web scraping industry. We received important recognition and feedback from attendees, eager to learn about the main trends and solutions based on web services and optimization solutions, explaining how the application of these technologies enhances productivity and profitability. Attendees gained invaluable information about our latest developments, the benefits of web scraping, and how they could directly apply them to logistics, transportation, supply chain, and international trade businesses.

The main solutions and trends that we presented at this expo, applied directly to the Logistics business vertical, were:

  1. Competitive price analysis: Logistics companies can use web scraping to collect pricing information from competing websites. By collecting data on shipping rates, service fees, and other relevant pricing details, businesses can analyze this information to adjust their pricing strategies. This allows them to remain competitive in the market and potentially gain a pricing advantage.
  2. Route optimization and traffic monitoring: Web scraping can be used to collect real-time data on traffic conditions, road closures, and other factors that can affect delivery routes, optimizing routes and reducing important costs. By pulling data from traffic websites, GPS services, or government transportation agencies, logistics companies can optimize their delivery routes to minimize transit times, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall efficiency. In turn, web scraping allows real-time tracking and monitoring of travel trajectories by any means of transport, be it land, air, or sea, and the monitoring of international trade cargo and container data.
  3. Inventory management and demand forecasting: Logistics companies can explore e-commerce platforms, manufacturer websites, or online marketplaces to collect data on product availability, demand trends, and inventory levels. By analyzing this data, companies can better manage their inventory levels, anticipate changes in demand, and adjust their supply chain operations accordingly. This helps avoid stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

The potential of online data

One of the main objectives of our participation in The Logistics World Summit & Expo 2024 was to disseminate new information and educate attendees about the potential and benefits of web scraping. We carry out informative presentations and contacts to familiarize participants with the concept of web scraping and its applications in the logistics sector. Through real-life examples and case studies, we illustrate how web scraping empowers businesses with actionable insights, improves market research, streamlines competitor analysis, and enables informed decision-making.

In this sense, The Logistics World served as a platform to expand support and share resources with attendees. We demonstrate our solutions and provide educational materials on web scraping best practices, industry trends, and case studies. This knowledge-sharing initiative not only helped attendees better understand web scraping but also positioned us as a trusted resource within the logistics and foreign trade community.

We are very proud and excited to continue sharing these experiences and knowledge with our stakeholders. If you are interested in knowing more about our web scraping services and solutions, contact us free of charge and we can provide all the information you need to make informed business decisions, incorporate a data-driven culture and increase the profitability of your company.