Case Study 1

Pharmacovigilance Company

At ScrapingPros, we observed that people reach out to doctors and pharmaceutical companies and express their concerns and feelings, highlighting the specific mentions in media outlets and social sites.

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About the customer

Global pharma company, based in Europe, with branches in Latin America.


The development of novel drugs in response to changing clinical requirements is a complex and costly method with uncertain outcomes. Postmarket pharmacovigilance is essential as drugs often have under-reported side effects. Understanding and preventing the adverse effects of drugs is vital for the company.
Based on local laws and regulations, the company needs to check and track all drugs and customers' reactions, looking for early detection of unknown adverse reactions and interactions; detection of increases in the frequency of known adverse reactions; and identification of risk factors and possible mechanisms.
Web Scraping Challenge Pharmacovigilance
Web Scraping Solution Pharmacovigilance


We observed that people use social media and websites to reach out to doctors and pharmaceutical companies and express their concerns and feelings. Moreover, healthcare professionals and patients are discussing the adverse experiences related to medicinal products using digital media platforms.

Acting as an outsourced team, ScrapingPros built an entire solution stack, starting with a surveillance stage, where new media outlets, social sites, and social networks are being monitored looking for updated information.

New customer’s reactions, drugs, and medications’ reactions are collected and preprocessed into data lakes.

We used sophisticated methods that can identify possible safety signals from multiple information sources, both structured and unstructured.


More than a hundred sources with incredible complexity to be reviewed were transformed into a unique dashboard with simple and easy access to the curated information highlighting the specific drug mentions where some conditions were found.
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