In modern Tech-Based business era the “Marketing Campaign” and the “Strength of Market Presence” of a business are directly proportional to each other. Today, markets are no longer restricted to a particular physical boundary or country. Nowadays businesses think on global scales. The market of any business can be anywhere on the face of the globe (expanded across continents). The Internet or World Wide Web has become a most important marketing tool. Many well-known firms outsourcing Web Research Specialist for providing a full line of web research or web scrapping services to facilitate efficient online marketing.


One important service business owners need is the “Direct Mailing List Creation”. At “Scrapping Pro” we have more than 5 years of experience in providing Data Scrapping Services to our clients. You can contact us to get direct mailing list and other web Scraping Services. We offer our services to clients worldwide.


We Provide Mailing Lists Creation Services For Any Of The Below Purposes:

  • Prospective customers database creation.
  • Database creation of ‘invitees’ for conferences, seminars and other events.
  • Database of prospective dealers and dealers.
  • Wholesalers, retailers and vendors database creation.
  • Enlarging database of your business contacts
  • Database creation of other parties related to a business

Our mailing list creation services include above mentioned task and more.

At “Web Scraping Pros” we search relevant data from various authentic online resources. We’ll provide several type of information like addresses, emails, phone numbers and other details as per requirements. Simply we’ll create customized mailing list database for you.

The size of your mailing lists requirement would not worry us. Web Scraping Pros experts are well trained and our experience of more than 5 years made us experts in creating mailing lists speedily with 99% accuracy. Our services are available 24*7 for faster solutions.

We have access to advance technologies so we guarantee optimum security of data and information. Speed, security, and superior quality are the 3 ‘S’s that set us apart from rest of services providers.

How “Scraping Pros” Organize Mailing List Creation Service:

  • First of all e clearly understand our clients requirements.
  • Then we access online resources and get the information as per requirements.
  • Then we create mailing lists (or mailing list database).
  • Quality controls verification in order to conform mailing list to client’s requirements.
  • Verify authenticity of information by quality audit.
  • Finally we proofread for typos or syntax errors.

So with our Quality Services you’ll get:

  • Accurate and authentic information.
  • Quicker turnaround time.
  • And remarkable cost savings.

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