Frequently Asked Questions


We accept both PayPal and through Upwork Escrow System.

If you pay through PayPal, we’ll ask for 50% upfront payment before starting the work. The remaining balance will be due after the job is completed and you’re completely satisfied with the results.

If you’d rather not pay anything upfront, we can work on Upwork platform to protect both of us. To avoid 20% Upwork Fee, please signup your client account through our referral link.

For any reason we cannot complete the job requested, ScrapingPros will refund you 100%. It’re risk free working with us!

It normally takes us 1-3 days to complete a web scraping job, depending on the target website and your requirement. Some just take 1 day, but the others may need 1 week.

Web scraping is the art of using software to extract data from websites. In other words, it’s a technique to turn unstructured data from websites into a structured, ready to use databases. This technology is flexible, powerful, and mistake-less compared to manual copy/paste.