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Web scraping to win competitor's customers

Getting customers from the competition and attracting them to our products is one of the ambitions of any company that seeks to increase market share

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About the customer

The client has business sites with classified ads and jobs throughout Latin America. It is one of the 100 Internet companies with the most visits in Latin America and one of the 10's e-commerce sites with the highest number of posts.


The main challenge is to develop a competitive data acquisition model to reduce the client’s cost from their marketing and sales actions. It is worth clarifying that developing and fine-tuning an efficient and segmented customer acquisition model is usually time-consuming and requires a lot of investment. For this reason, agile companies are looking for alternative and ingenious methods to win customers from the competition and differentiate themselves.
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Building a data acquisition model is essential for the company to increase its volume of users in the database and, therefore, its market share.

In recent years Scraping Pros has specialized and perfected itself in the development of state-of-the-art models to acquire competitive data in a scalable and managed way. In the case of the real estate market, it is very important to be able to track the websites of the competition to understand the valuable difference between the client and his competition, mainly knowing the performance metrics of the competition in the same marketplace.


The main achievement was to have valuable data from the competition and to be able to direct new users towards the client's products.

The model -customs developed for the client- allowed competitor prices, promotions, discounts, and messages to be collected and compared at a fraction of the effort and cost that the company had prior to the implementation of web scraping. In this way, the coverage of the target real estate market increased.

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“The level of coverage of the target market that we achieve thanks to Scraping Pro’s services enables us to set up a business based on excellent data”.