Financial data extraction

The best solution in financial data extraction & lead scoring process

Scraping Pros improves the lead scoring process with data enrichment in financial services using sophisticated data management tools to get the most out of data.

Financial data extraction, web scraping, extract financial data

About the customer

A direct banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S. financial services.


The main problem is to improve scoring and the quality of processes with data. To gain a competitive advantage in the lead qualification process, the company identified that the biggest challenge they are experiencing lies in enriching and blending high-volume non-standard data sources.
Financial data extraction, web scraping, extract financial data
Financial data extraction, web scraping, extract financial data


Our team has designed a method to centralize, update and consolidate financial services data in a robust database, fed with different sources from heterogeneous data, providing a complete financial data extraction solution.
  • Scraping Pros have designed and developed an adaptive process to extract, consolidate and match multiple data sources into a single data lake.
  • In this way an ongoing managed services team finds, analyzes and corrects different unexpected changes and additions in the data sources.
  • One of the great advantages of our solution is having been able to align and join information from various data sources based on the complex requirements of the company.


We were able to improve business performance and give new insights to the company, focusing on a model based on data robustness and scalability.
  • Significant improvements on data quality and availability.
  • Increased efficiency in the lead generation process.
  • New business opportunities and ideas coming from outstanding results.
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“In this data-centric business new data sources and changes are our day-to-day operations. Having Scraping Pros managed services as a partner, let us focus on the design of new business opportunities.”